10 Reasons you should be talking about office furniture

10 Reasons You Should Be Talking About Office Furniture

Whether you’re working from home or back in the office, one of the most important things you should be talking to your boss or employees about is office furniture

  • Is your chair comfortable? 
  • Is your chair supporting your back, neck and arms? 
  • Do you need additional support? 
  • Is your computer screen at the correct height? 
  • Are your feet bothered by loose cables? 
  • Are you comfortable at your desk? 

Your company should check how comfortable you are at your desk with a health and safety assessment but if something’s changed or you haven’t had one, speak to your manager about improving your comfort levels with improved office furniture. If you hit a speedbump when trying to discuss office furniture with management, here’s a few things that could help explain why it’s important to be talking about office furniture!

1. All-day At An Office Desk

You’re likely to sit at your desk for roughly 6-8 hours a day so it’s important to be comfortable. This means having sufficient desk space, a comfortable chair and accessible workspaces for all people and all disabilities.

2. Bad Posture Costs

Bad posture costs! If your office furniture or new home office set up isn’t supporting your body, you’re looking at potential health problems which could cost you money and your employer if you have to take time off for recovery.

3. Lack of Creativity & Productivity Within The Office

Drab furniture could be draining your creativity and productivity. Bright, comfortable work settings increase productivity for your teams, this ensures teams feel fresh allowing them to get into a creative flow. Think about it, where do you have your best ideas? It’s unlikely to be in a gloomy, bland office corner. Creative open, bright, clean spaces that encourage your teams to think outside of the box.

4. Your Team Are Valuable

Broken or seriously damaged furniture and office accessories could suggest to your team that they’re not valued. Employees don’t expect brand new and they understand that budgets could be tight but they do expect functional tools that allow them to do their jobs. Make a list prioritising what equipment and office furniture need replacing first. At Think Office we have a wide range to offer, helping you to repair or replace Office Furniture in one place.

5. Create Spaces with Office Furniture that Supports Company Goals

Suitable office furniture helps to meet business goals. When choosing your office furniture and designing the perfect office space for your teams, it’s important to reflect on your business goals – what are you trying to achieve, how will your teams achieve it?  This could include desk banks for improving team communication, large singular desks to ensure your employees have enough space to do what they need, or it could mean offering more collaborative workspaces with a mixture of meeting room furniture or soft seating areas where your teams can get their creative juices flowing. If your current office furniture set-up isn’t working for your teams, maybe it’s time to see what they need.

6. First Impressions Include Office Furniture

First impressions count! We know it’s a shallow goal when the focus should be on your employees’ comfort but why settle for one when you can have both? Modern office furniture can be comfortable and stylish, and it does create a good first impression on visitors, potential customers and potential new employees! Bright and matching furniture are both must-have options for a professional outlook.

7. A Tidy Office Space, Productive Working

Goodbye mess! When designing a practical, comfortable office space for your team, you need to ensure you have sufficient storage space. This will help your teams have a clear desk and mind, as well as ensuring they aren’t uncomfortable, trying to work around piles of paper or products that have been stacked up on their desk.

8. Home Office Furniture Is Just As Important

Invest at home. After the pandemic, a lot of businesses have made a change towards more flexible working, which means that employees are spending a lot more time working from home. Have you checked in on your teams’ home working environment? We all remember a time when LinkedIn posts of makeshift desks were popular, ironing boards, stacks of books, old desks tucked into the corner of a room, but if your business is allowing home working moving forwards then it might be time to talk to your teams and your finance directors about options for home office furniture. Is their home working environment comfortable? Is it supporting them enough? Could improvements be made? Do they need a proper chair rather than using a dining room table chair?

9. One Size Does Not Fit All

Flexibility is key. Modern office furniture has been designed to be customisable to the individual using it. Nothing in business is one size fits all so it’s important to invest in furniture that can stick around for the long term. If you’re a business where there is a range of staff sitting in one place or you’re a hot-desking company, this is particularly important. For example, at Think Office Furniture, we design and manufacture reception desks in the UK which can be delivered with a range of ergonomic chairs. All chairs are customisable in height, the choice of armrests and more to ensure that no matter who is working in your reception area each day, they’re comfortable.

We don’t just offer modular reception desks designs, we also offer bespoke reception desks.

10. Office Furniture Fitout

The entire office counts! There’s more to a business than your standard office desk space, there are breakout areas for staff and meeting rooms. These areas should be considered when looking at new office space or changing office furniture because they’re a great example of supporting your team emotionally and physically with their work. Collaborative areas such as meeting rooms encourage communication and teamwork, whilst breakout areas offer more relaxed settings for staff to discuss work or enjoy a break and to switch off for a time.

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As you can see, a lot of these reasons come down to basic staff support and care, and ultimately, their productivity levels. It’s important to support your staff emotionally and physically because employees give back what you put in.


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10 Reasons You Should Be Talking About Office Furniture Recap

  1. You’re likely to sit at your desk for roughly 6-8 hours a day so it’s important to be comfortable.
  2. Bad posture costs in the long term with medical costs and employee time off for recovery.
  3. Spark creativity and productivity with bright, tidy, comfortable spaces.
  4. Broken or seriously damaged furniture and office accessories could suggest to your team that they’re not valued.
  5. Your office furniture should reflect your business goals – what are you trying to achieve, how will your teams achieve it? Think meeting rooms, soft seating brainstorming ideas etc.
  6. First impressions count – modern office furniture can be comfortable and stylish, no need to compromise!
  7. Tidy spaces lead to productivity, include office storage for a tidy, comfortable workspace.
  8. If you’re not returning to the office full time, it’s time to consider investing in comfortable home office furniture.
  9. Flexibility is key to support each individual member of staff, particularly in shared workspaces.
  10. Office furniture should include more than standard desk spaces – breakout areas, meeting rooms and reception areas should all be considered.

To discuss a redesign in your office space, whether that’s reception areas, meeting space,  or in the hustle and bustle of the office, our team at Think Office Furniture have something for your business, including the option to create bespoke office furniture solutions. Get in touch today to discover the collection.