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Reception Desk for Clinics

As one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of reception desks for clinics, we offer a wide range of welcome counters specifically for the health and wellbeing sector; including clinics, orthodontic practices, physiotherapy centres and cosmetic businesses. Proudly designed and manufactured in the UK, our reception desks are built to provide a lasting welcome to your clinic – every counter also comes with a 5 year warranty covering up to 12 hours of daily use to give you that extra peace of mind. In the process of transforming your clinic’s welcome area or looking for an upgrade on your current desk? Think Office Furniture specialise in creating reception furniture that streamlines the arrival process, protects patient confidentiality, improves your clinic’s first impression to clients and caters to individuals with accessibility difficulties, leaving a lasting experience on everyone who visits, from patients to employees.

On our website, you can browse through a wide variety of reception counter shapes, including the versatile U-shaped, the space-efficient L-shaped, and our classic straight models, with sizes that cater to every need from a compact 1.4 metres to a spacious 4.2 metres. For a bespoke reception desk that is as unique as your clinic, we offer bespoke designs that can be adapted to fit the specific contours and character of your waiting area – a physiotherapist centre would need something different to cosmetic surgery clinics, so we can create something that suits your needs.

Our range of reception desks feature a variety of colours, styles, and designs, all aimed at supplying premium, durable, and affordable furniture solutions that contribute to a welcoming atmosphere for your clinic. We also provide a FREE delivery and installation offer for over 50% of UK postcodes on all orders exceeding £850 + VAT. If you’re unsure about what to choose or require expert advice on the best furniture for your clinic, contact our team of UK-based specialists.

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