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How Important Breakout Furniture is to your Office Space

What is a Breakout Area?

A breakout area is an open space in an office for employees or visitors to separate from their usual working area. A breakout area provides the opportunity for employees to relax, eat their lunch, or even hold informal meetings. This also gives the chance for employees to take a break from their computer screens and to have mental rest.

Why you should invest in Breakout Furniture

Having an office breakout area is seen as such a luxury and has taken over workspaces across the UK. Breakout areas are often furnished with modern and comfortable chairs with informal tables that reflect the businesses branding. A breakout area is a great way to create a modern space that fulfils multiple requirements of a business. 

As breakout areas are becoming more and more popular, many people are questioning the importance of this valuable space and why you should invest in modern furniture for your business and your staff. Well here are a few reasons why you should invest in breakout furniture

Provides a Working Space for Interaction

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It is extremely important to have good interaction within the workplace to help build strong relationships with colleagues to influence creative ideas and productive collaborations. Being confined to a set desk can have a drastic effect on staff interaction, especially those across several departments that are sat in different levels and areas of the modern office.

Office breakout areas are a great modern solution to encourage interaction and communication between colleagues that might not have this opportunity without such valuable space. Breakout areas boost productivity, increase innovative thinking and happiness in the workplace. 

Provides a Relaxing Space 

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A breakout area can serve many purposes and can provide employees with the chance to relax, rest and relieve stress. Time spent away from the desk has been proven to boost morale and create a more relaxed working environment, as well as boost productivity. A breakout area provides a space away from the stress and noise of a regular office environment, staff can then focus and perform better to achieve the best possible results. 

Improves Staff Wellbeing

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Tasks that require sitting at a desk can be mentally exhausting as well as have a drastic effect on a person’s mental health. Yet this can be avoided by giving employees the freedom and choice to move around the office throughout the day resulting in a healthier and happier working environment. 

As workplaces become more and more digitally dependent there is constantly an increasing rise in the time spent by employees at their desks staring at a computer, an office breakout space becoming more popular as it is a familiar feature in the interior design and structure. 

Greeting Visitors

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Open plan breakout areas are the main meeting area for staff members to meet and greet visitors or clients. Therefore it is essential to ensure that the breakout area provides the visitor with a quality first impression on your business, as the office design space is a reflection of your branding too.

Soft seating and modular seating with access to refreshments creates a relaxing and inviting atmosphere for visitors to feel welcome and important as a valuable contribution to the business meeting. 


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Recap of Why you Should Invest in Breakout Furniture

  1. Provides a Working Space for Interaction
  2. Provides a Relaxing Space
  3. Improves Staff Wellbeing
  4. Greeting Visitors

Buying Office Breakout Furniture

As well as breakout furniture becoming increasingly desirable as a result of its fantastic benefits, breakout spaces are something that the modern worker will expect to find in their employment. 

Breakout furniture is a great way of attracting new talent and retaining staff, as well as increasing employee satisfaction. It is important to be constantly investing in the health and wellbeing of your team as a way of showing value to your staff to increase job satisfaction.

Think Office Breakout Furniture

At Think Office we stock a wide range of breakout furniture such as coffee tables, dining tables, stools, benches, and many more to ensure that your breakout area is welcoming and is suitable for not just breaks but for informal meetings as an environment to enhance staff collaboration.

If you would like to introduce a breakout area into your office then contact us to speak to one of our experts for help in the office space design and furnishing your breakout space with our range of office furniture.