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How Tall Should an Office Desk be?

With 81% of UK office workers spending between four and nine hours each day at a desk (this equates to 67 days per year sitting at an office desk), it’s crucial you have the correct set-up. Having your office desk, chair and computer at the right height and angle can dramatically improve your posture during your seated hours of the day.

In this guide, we tell you exactly how tall your office desk should be and why it’s important to have the correct height.


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The correct height for your office desk

The average height for an office desk in the UK is 740mm, 74cm, and 29 inches. This height is perfect for those who are 6 feet 1 inch tall, but as office desks are typically bought in bulk, it may not be the optimal height for all employees.


To find the best height for your seated office desk, you should follow this equation:

Your height in inches + 1 = Your ideal office desk height in cm


Your Height (feet and inches) Your Height (cm) Office Desk (inches) Office Desk (cm)
5’ 3” 160 34 64
5’ 4” 162.5 35 65
5’ 5” 165 36 66
5’ 6” 167.5 37 67
5’ 7” 170 38 68
5’ 8” 172.5 39 69
5’ 9” 175 40 70
5’ 10” 177.5 41 71
5’ 11” 180 42 72
6’ 182.5 43 73
6’ 1” 185 44 74
6’ 2” 187.5 45 75
6’ 3” 190 46 76
6’ 4” 192.5 47 77
6’ 5” 195 48 78
6’ 6” 197.5 49 79
6’ 7” 200 50 80


Why does office desk height matter?

Having the correct office desk height for your individual requirements is important for not only your posture and health, but it will help ensure you are focused throughout the day. Combining the height of your desk with the correct chair height, it will make sure your posture is ergonomically correct (back angle, elbow height and reach).


Aches and pains

One of the most common causes of back aches and pains is due to incorrect posture when sitting at an office desk. Having an incorrect desk height can cause you to subtly contort your body in uncomfortable ways leading to aches and pains in your back, arms, legs and even wrists. Whilst incorrect office desk height can lead to long-term back problems, you should always seek medical advice as there could be an alternative reason for the issue.


Increases focus and productivity

If employees feel comfortable and relaxed in their workspace, it’s only natural productivity and focus levels increase. Not having to constantly adjust positions to prevent aches and pains will reduce the amount of distractions employees have to face during the work day, in turn increasing focus and productivity.



Sitting down for long periods of time throughout the day can lead to an increased risk of obesity. Spending the majority of the day in a sedentary position will reduce the number of calories being burnt and increases the likelihood of snacking – when these two factors combine, it will lead to a weight increase.


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