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How to Create Office Space Privacy in an Open Office 

Many offices are now considering and taking into account employees’ privacy. Many open-plan office spaces are now making use of partition screens, individual desking, whiteboards, breakout spaces and monitor arms. Allowing staff members to work in a private office space can encourage them to work productively and proactively whilst increasing concentration levels.

The Benefits of Office Space Privacy in an Open Space

A private office space naturally removes any distractions that can disrupt an employee from working. Without any distractions, employees are able to work productively with an increase in concentration levels improving work efficiency. 

Private working space can reduce the spread of common colds and bugs that are brought into the office, which has been useful for office workers throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. This is likely to reduce the number of sick days taken by employees and encourage employees to work productively and effectively. 

Creating Office Space Privacy

Create Breakout Areas

A breakout area is a segregated part of the office design where employees can work, eat their lunch, or even use it as a meeting room that ensures no distractions.

Open offices are the main cause of distraction for how an employee works. The background noise of coworkers, face to face communication between clients and limited space can be easy distractions stopping an employee from working to their best ability. This is why many offices have now created designated breakout areas for employees to work in a more calming and quiet area.

Breakout areas not only provide employees with the required office space privacy, but they also are a space for employees to interact with colleagues or clients. Breakout areas are an additional workspace that helps individuals to switch off or to work at a more focused level.

Spaced Out Work Stations

Spaced out workstations are beneficial in an open office as they help employees to create a private space exactly how they want it! Spaced office desks provide flexibility within the office adapted to the business’s needs at the time. Providing coworkers with their much-needed privacy encourages team members to collaborate and interact with one another whilst boosting a worker’s productivity levels.

Install Flexible Monitor Arms

Monitor arms are a fantastic way of providing open office space with flexibility and privacy as they allow employees to have their monitors at any desired angle. Monitor arms help to encourage work efficiency allowing you to work between two or more screens instead of switching between windows every time to attempt to complete a simple task.

Monitor arms do more than just provide employees with added office space privacy, they also have a large contribution to the health and wellbeing of an individual too. Monitor arms can be adjusted to the height of an employee and the correct ergonomic position preventing chronic eye strain and neck pain.

Upgrade to Executive Office Chairs

Executive office chairs allow employees to work in a private and comfortable workspace, enabling them to work for a long period of time without feeling overexposed or uncomfortable. Executive office chairs provide workers with the right amount of privacy, their adapted backrests, armrests and cushioned soft seating can allow employees to work in an enclosed office space.  

Executive office chairs not only look the part, but they are also highly supportive to an employee, thanks to their ergonomic design. Executive office chairs can prevent employees from receiving back or neck pain due to their adjustable mechanisms.

Incorporate Nature into your Office

Bringing plants into your open office space can create a sense of privacy for employees as well as boost productivity levels and reduce any stress-related symptoms. Offices are not usually the quiet of spaces, introducing plants into your office is a great way of encouraging concentration within teams, allowing employees to focus and work effectively. 

Having plants within the office is a great way to highlight your company’s green ethos, green practices within a company provides an environmentally friendly identity and a welcoming experience for employees and clients.

Plants not only encourage the health and wellbeing of an individual, but they also are aesthetically pleasing. Having a decorated office space can be welcoming for visitors and encourage them to return to your business in the future.


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As you can see there are many ways to ensure office space privacy within an open space. Having you value the privacy of your employees has the ability to improve company culture as well as the productivity levels of an office worker. Depending on the privacy needs of your office you could also look into using partition screens, privacy films or even headphones for phone calls.

At Think Office Furniture we have many products available to ensure your employees work in a private and secure working space. From executive office chairs, breakout furniture, individual desking and many more, you can be sure that your employee reaps the benefits of working in a private office space.

If you would like to find out more information on how we can help to provide you with an ergonomic solution for your business’s needs then please feel free to get in touch and we will be more than happy to help.