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The Importance of Salon Reception Desks

Your salon reception desk is the face of your salon, it is important that you keep it clean and tidy to reflect your business. Making sure it looks fresh and attractive will keep your clients engaged in what you have to offer.

Salon reception desks play a very important role in assuring your business succeeds. Your salon reception desk is the first thing that your clients and potential clients will see when creating your business first impression. This person can make or break a potential sale, by either encouraging a client to step into your salon (or sending them somewhere else).

Business Impressions

First and last impressions are so important when you start to build and grow your business. As your reception area will be the main focus of the start and end of your client’s visit. Whether it is U shaped reception desks or L shaped reception desks, you’ll want to assure it makes gives the wow factor effect.

Assuring you have a dedicated and friendly receptionist to welcome your clients that creates a familiar face and a friendly point of contact is one of the main factors that will cause your clients to want to return.

Your Reception Desk is your Selling Point

Your reception desk represents your brand and your products, this is the best place for your customers to understand the range of the products you have available and the benefits they offer.

If your clients were educated on what products were used during their treatment, then your salon reception desk is the best place to encourage your clients to buy them for use at home between appointments

We recommended providing your reception desk with impulse buys, such as travel products, or handbag essentials. Make sure that they are clearly priced so your customers can buy with confidence. Gift wrapping products provide an easy last-minute present idea for busy clients too.

Your salon reception desk can help to encourage selling gift cards to your clients or promoting loyalty cards to increase customer retention.

salon reception desk

Brand Representation

Your beauty salon reception desk is the most important place that represents your branding. Your business logo is the representation of what you stand for as an organisation and it is what distinguishes you from your competition

Your branding reveals your identity and invites customers/business partners and clients to get to know you better, this is what allows your customers to foster brand loyalty and familiarity.

A lot of thinking goes into the design of your logo, so why not display it in the first area that your visitors see? Whether you look to have a grey reception desk, a white reception desk or even a modern pinstriped reception desk. If your salon offers glass windows and a see-through door or entrance, then it is beneficial to have your logo displayed on your hair salon reception desk in a way that your visitors will easily be able to see.

Assuring the logo design on your salon reception desk is large enough to create a presence and be recognisable for passers-by, but not too large that it is overbearing is a top tip. You can also go the extra mile with advertising your logo onto your reception desk, by investing in backlighting and textured background.

Increase of Organisation and Productivity

Your salon reception desk is your command centre, an increase of organisation within your reception desk can set the tone and productivity level at work. This also gives a more organised efficient impression to your customers.

Teaching your receptionist to maintain simple habits such as keeping it clean and making use of organisation holders is a key part of giving your business a good first impression.

Also, investing in bespoke custom made beauty salon reception desks can help you and your staff to have allocated spaces so you can access equipment quickly and easily. The less time spent rummaging around trying to find pens and bits of paper, the less likely you are going to upset and frustrate your clients.

Purchasing cable management is another thing to consider to make your reception area look as tidy as possible. Cable management socks have a huge impact on the feel and functionality of your reception desk. Keeping the power cables off your reception desks and tidying them away makes your desk more pleasant to use and easier to clean.

We recommend looking to fit pedestals, bookcases, and other storage units within your salon reception desk. This is another way to assure your receptionist stay clean and tidy.


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Salon Reception Desks

There’s no denying that salon reception desks are a critical part of your business success. But it is just one small part of running a salon business. If you are unsure if you would like to invest in a salon reception desk then take a look and consider the valid benefits that this will provide your business with.

A Think Office Furniture, we offer the very best reception desks that fit your salon’s needs. Our friendly team of experts build all of our quality reception desks from the ground up with the best materials. We offer premium beauty salon reception desks that are custom to your required shape and size.

If you are interested in the wide range of reception desks we have to offer at Think Office Furniture in Portsmouth, then be sure to contact our team today and we will be happy to answer any questions to have as well as ensure you get everything at the highest quality possible.