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How Often Should you Replace Office Chairs?

As one of the leading office furniture suppliers in the UK, we frequently come across employees and employers asking how long office chairs should last. As with most other office furniture, sooner or later it’ll start to break down and will need replacing at some point in the future.

Office chairs should be a long term investment to provide both functionality and comfort for your staff, which is why on average, most office chairs last around 7-8 years. Whilst this is a ball-park figure, different chairs can be replaced sooner or later than this recommendation.

In this guide, we outline how often you should replace your office chairs and the tell-tale signs that indicate you should purchase new ones




The lifespan of different office chairs

Fabric office chairs

Fabric-based chairs have been a mainstay in offices for decades so it’s easy to see why businesses choose to have them in their work buildings. Providing both style and comfort, they are a great choice for a range of purposes and are typically cheaper to purchase than a leather counterpart. 

The hardwearing nature of fabric office chairs typically ensures a lifespan of around 8 years and a good return on investment. You may want to invest in new fabric office chairs before this date as the technological advancements in modern fabric office chairs ensure an effective solution to back problems amongst staff.


Leather office chairs

Leather office chairs are arguably the most durable and hardwearing type on the market with an average lifespan of 10 years. Leather has long been considered one of the best materials money can buy thanks to its functionality and premium qualities.

Whilst not all leather chairs will last a long time like our Nautilus Aura High Back Leather Executive Chair, you can always repair or replace the upholstery if needed.


Mesh office chairs

The least durable of the three types of chairs we provide are the mesh-based office chairs. Whilst not a bad solution by any means (the style, back-support technology and low cost is a great alternative to leather or fabric) the fabric can be prone to small tears and rips which can lead to a reduction in lifespan.

If you have a mesh office chair, you should look to replace it with a new one every 6 years.


How to know when you need a new office chair

You may start to notice some obvious signs that your office chair is due for an upgrade such as the padding on your seat cushion is no longer comfortable, but there are some subtle tell-tale indications that you should start looking at replacement office chairs.


Aches and pains

Office chairs are designed to improve posture and support across your whole body – from the height and angle, they should help employees throughout the day. When you start to notice an increase in the number of aches and pains you experience whilst at work, this could be a sign that your office chair needs replacing.



The most common reason why you’ll need a new task chair is down to damage or general wear and tear. Loose or stuck wheels are a prime example that your office chair may need to be replaced. If you find you have to push harder to roll across the floor and the wheels will not respond to our motions then it may be time to look at getting a new chair.


Style and fit

This reason can be interpreted in a few different ways. It can be that the chair simply doesn’t feel right anymore, you’ve given your office a facelift and are looking for new office chairs to go with the decoration or that some people need chairs that are custom-fitted to their needs. You’ll be spending around 40 hours a week in an office chair so you’ve got to make sure it suits your needs and wants.


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Where can you get new office chairs?

At Think Office Furniture we supply businesses across the UK with the highest-quality chairs for office breakout areas, meeting rooms, and reception areas.

From ergonomic high back chairs to folding mesh task chairs, we have a wide range of brand-new office furniture that meets your requirements.

If you would like to find out more information on how our office chairs can go that extra mile for your business, then please do get in touch and we will be more than happy to help.