Transforming your office with bespoke furniture

How To Transform Your Home Office With Bespoke Furniture

Following the Prime Minister’s announcements earlier this week, it seems we all have a lot to potentially look forward to this year. That being said, it’s likely a lot of people will still be working from home for a while, whilst others may never go back to the office 100%. If this is you, consider investing in bespoke home office furniture to fit any size space, ensuring comfort and productivity throughout your working day. This will create the ideal working environment that you can then leave at the end of the day to really feel like you’re stepping away from work and switch off in the evenings. 

As the chill of winter begins to thaw and spring starts to make its presence known, change is certainly on the horizon, so it’s time to dust away those cobwebs and refresh your way of thinking. We’ve all spent a great deal of time on DIY projects over the past 12 months to create beautiful spaces and finally try new interior design ideas, but have you thought about your office space since you first set up your computer to work from home? We’re here to recommend a few tips and tricks for creating the perfect home office space, as well as discussing bespoke home office furniture solutions to help you make the most of your available space.

Our Top Tips and Tricks for the Perfect Home Office Space with Bespoke Furniture

  1. Bespoke Practical Statement Bookcase

A statement bookcase is perfect for creating a gorgeous backdrop to any zoom call whilst setting you in the right mindset for a productive day surrounded by all your favourite books. We can create a bespoke furniture bookcases that fit with the style of your desk as well as fitting the space you’re in as there’s nothing worse than a bookcase that’s too overbearing or too large for the space you’re in. At Think Office Furniture, we also offer a range of bookcases that include storage solutions to help create a truly bespoke home office furniture solution.

All of our Versa Home Office Furniture comes with the opportunity to customise both the interior and exterior to meet your room’s decor. Options also include wall-mounted shelves, solutions for small office nook spaces or a full-sized home office. Whatever space you have and whatever you’re looking for, our expert team can help create the perfect home office space for you.

  1. Bespoke Stylish and Comfortable Seating Options

According to the Office of National Statistics, 46.6% of people started working from home in the last year or so. Over this time, a large number of people have come to a few realisations, firstly, how important a work/life balance is as our homes have become our offices and the lines have become blurred, the second is realising just how much time we spend sitting down at a small desk, staring at our computer screens, only to swap this for sitting on the sofa staring at a TV or our phones. There are several options for tackling both of these realisations, the first is about creating a comfortable home office space that allows us to separate home and office. By creating a dedicated space with bespoke home office furniture, you can achieve exactly that. The second can be changed with lifestyle changes to get yourself moving more, but also by creating a supportive, comfortable home office space, we can help save your lower back in the long run. 

At Think Office Furniture we have a wide range of tasks chairs and home office seating options available depending on your home office size and the comfort levels you’re looking for. Our range has something for everyone, whether you’re more style focussed and would prefer to have a fully customisable design such as with our Nautilus Spyro Designer Mesh Chair or you prefer a more substantial approach to your office furniture, Think Office Furniture is bound to have the perfect fit for you. 

  1. Bring Nature Inside

We’ve seen over the past year how the feeling of being cooped up can affect your productivity, not to mention your mental attitude. We are aware that working outside sometimes just isn’t an option, depending on where you live and what the weather conditions are like. Don’t even get us started on the armies of wasps and flies you’ll be having to dodge in less than a couple of months time! Instead, we recommend house plants, a lot of house plants. 

Whether you’re a born-to-be plant parent, or you’re a fake-it-till-you-make-it kind of person, we hear you. A splash of green, however, can really make a world of difference. Not only does it make your home office space appear brighter and clearer, but if you opt for real house plants, you can experience fantastic health and wellbeing benefits as house plants are scientifically proven to improve indoor air quality. Which is why you should invest in Bespoke Office Furniture


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Transform Your Bespoke Home Office Furniture 

If you’re interested in sprucing up your home office but you’re stuck on how to transform the space, you can speak to one of our experts who will be happy to help advise and design a bespoke home office furniture solution for your home. If you’re looking for a wide range and variety of home office furniture or just office supplies, then look no further than Think Office Furniture.

Not only do we offer a vast array of pieces that are perfect for your remote working lifestyle, but we also offer many pieces of furniture such as reception desks, storage units, breakout furniture and more for when you’re back in the office!

What are you waiting for? Let’s create a comfortable, productive bespoke home office space today! Get in contact with our experts.

Recap of  how you can transform your Office with Bespoke Furniture

  1. Discovering practical statement bookcases
  2. Using stylish and comfortable seating options
  3. Brining nature inside