bespoke office furniture

Why invest in bespoke office furniture?

Bespoke office furniture completely changes the look of a room and can transform a space from drab to stylish with just a few pieces. It allows you to express your character and add a personal touch. Furniture needs to be chosen for the functionality of the space.A living room benefits from a comfortable sofa, a stylish coffee table and decorative plants. An office needs to be economical and allow the team a clear mind to work, utilising space and avoiding clutter. These pieces tie the room together, making a space that’s truly unique. The best way to ensure your fitted home office furniture is perfect for the room you’re decorating is by having bespoke designs which have been tailored to the room.

bespoke office furniture


Why invest in bespoke office furniture?

Standard office ‘off the shelf’ furniture may seem like the simplest way to decorate a room, but custom pieces have so much merit and are certainly a worthwhile investment, particularly within an office space used by many employees.  Custom furniture is more cost-effective than you might think and brings a unique flavour to your place of business, helping your business stand out from the rest. Bespoke furniture from Think Office Furniture is made with quality and durability in mind, greatly extending its service life above lower-cost solutions.

Bespoke office furniture is a great investment in your workspace, allowing you to give your space a personal touch that feels far more homely. These items are also something that lasts, and if you want a change of style, tend to sell at a similar price. They hold their value allowing the next person to enjoy them just as much. This reduces the production of cheap furniture which quickly breaks and is discarded, having a negative impact on the environment. In today’s blog, we will be exploring some of the benefits of custom furniture for your office space. These pieces allow for maximum functionality and comfort, helping your business operations run effectively.

bespoke office furniture

Intelligent designs

Custom design furniture allows you to save space within your office. This is particularly significant if you have a smaller or awkwardly shaped office. Utilise every piece of the room with furniture which perfectly slots together, allowing for a comfortable and aesthetic work environment. An open space with plenty of room to move allows for maximum productivity and wellness for the team. Smart designs are seen everywhere from cars to phones, so why not for furniture? Intelligent storage solutions mean all your important files are organised securely whilst maximising space potential. Access important documents quickly and easily.

Choosing the right Bespoke Office Furniture

When you are choosing bespoke office furniture, everything is down to you. From shape to size, to colour, to finish, you can have whatever you like. Have you always had a dream office in mind or a space you’ve taken inspiration from? Do you want to choose a particular theme or portray a particular message? With custom furniture, this is all available to you. As a business owner, your company is your vision, and it’s exciting seeing everything come to life and come together. Your office space is no different.

Make sure you cannot wait to show your space to clients and new employees by adorning it with gorgeous quality pieces which will wow visitors. Come up with a custom colour palette and make your office stand out from the rest. Never feel held back by pre-designed furniture, or wish the dimensions were slightly smaller or larger with a custom design. It will be just right for everything you need.

bespoke office furniture

Make a statement with Office Furniture

Your office says a lot about your business.

Whether you’re a digital agency with a flair for modern creations, to a solicitors office needing a stylish yet professional set-up, it all comes down to the furniture. Custom furniture can be made in a variety of colours and styles, helping to boost brand identity and unite your employees. Why not use your office furniture to boost brand awareness, utilising company colours to create a unique workspace. Bespoke office furniture holds its quality and is highly durable, allowing you to focus on your business operations.

First impressions

When people visit your office, impressions are everything.

Bespoke office furniture is the first step to impressing your potentially new and existing clients, ‘wow’ them as they approach the entrance of your office with a bespoke reception desk that is ergonomically designed and boasts your brand identity.

While they wait for your meeting, offer them a seat on your luxury custom sofa perfectly aligned outside your meeting space, It’s the ideal set-up for a successful meeting.

Impress visitors with an office that is completely unique and reflects your approach to business.

bespoke office furniture

Boost productivity with your Bespoke Furniture

The environment of your employees plays a big role in their productivity and morale. Old, tired furniture creates a negative mood and leaves your team feeling lethargic. A dynamic workspace gives your employees a boost of creative energy. This helps them manage their tasks and work better together. If you share aspects of your office or agency life across social media, make an impression by showing off your custom furniture which boosts brand identity. Take snaps of your employees working hard or relaxing in your custom breakout space. Why not get your team involved in choosing your new pieces? Employees will love coming into work and relaxing during lunchtime on a new sofa they chose. Really personalise your workspace and boost team morale. Ergonomic custom furniture will keep your team focused and motivated all day, maximising productivity.


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Bespoke Office Furniture UK

Think Office Furniture provides bespoke office furniture throughout the UK. We create our custom designs to fit your needs and be ergonomic to maximise productivity. Make an impression with one of our bespoke office reception desks. Choose from Right Hand, Left Hand, U Shaped and Straight to perfectly fit into your office, utilising space and making a statement to those entering the room. Once you’ve chosen your perfect shape, pick your carcass colour, desktop colour, width, and depth. Accessibility is absolutely vital within every workplace. Our reception desks are accessible to those using a wheelchair. Contact our team today to discuss your office transformation.

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