How to Create a Welcoming Reception Area

Are you looking to introduce a reception area within your office building or potentially revamp your current reception space? We are going to discuss the many ways that you can create a welcoming reception area to ensure it creates an impactful first impression on your employees, visitors or company associates. 

A visitor’s first impression is often based on a business’s reception area and front desk, which is why it is so important to ensure it’s designed correctly to create a welcoming, yet memorable environment. There are many ways that you can decorate your reception area to ensure it’s a welcoming and trustworthy space, from displaying your brand’s ethos, using appropriate lighting, obtaining that ‘wow factor’ reception desk, introducing comfortable reception furniture and so much more. 

So if you find that you are asking yourself ‘how do I create a welcoming reception area?’ then read on.


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Tips on Creating a Welcoming Reception Space

So, what is a reception area? A reception area is a designated space often equipped with an inviting reception desk, a soft seating area for reception staff to greet visitors and to provide a waiting room for visitors before they are met with an employee from the organisation that they came to meet with. 

A reception area offers an opportunity to provide visitors with an impactful first impression and to give your business that wow factor that it deserves. A reception area should allow visitors to look around and understand what your company does and the services it offers through the branding, informative wall graphic and decor. Here are just a few ways that you can create a welcoming reception area for your visitors:


1. Use Comfortable Reception Furniture

Comfort is key in all reception areas to ensure visitors feel relaxed and at ease before waiting for a potential appointment or business meeting. A fully equipped waiting area with modern reception furniture such as a reception desk, soft seating, coffee tables and a breakout area creates a professional first impression on your business whilst providing you with an opportunity to display your branding and its brand colours.

Take the opportunity to play around with your reception area and incorporate wild designs and colours that reflect your branding to ensure it creates a long-lasting impression, after all a dull-looking reception area isn’t going to be impactful for anyone! 

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2. Introduce Greenery 

Introducing greenery within your reception area is the perfect way to ensure visitors enter and leave their appointments feeling relaxed and zen after soaking up all the natural health benefits that plants offer.

Studies have proven that plants ease the mind and allow individuals to feel calmer and more relaxed making them a great addition to any reception area. A top tip to consider when creating a welcoming reception area is to let in enough natural light to ensure the longevity of your greenery and to brighten your waiting area on the darker days. Find out whether office desks should be placed in front of a window here.


3. Display your Brand

As your visitors will make their first impression based on the design of your reception area, it just makes sense to involve your brand colours and logo. Having your reception area designed around the ethos and the colour of your branding will quickly allow your visitors to feel at ease that they are in the right place. It’s also an opportunity to display any wall graphics, vibrant reception desks, awards and motivational quotes to spark conversations and create a positive, motivational environment for your visitors.


4. Appropriate Lighting

Lighting has a huge effect on the emotions of an individual and many researchers suggest that poor lighting can have a negative effect on our mood. Bright light can heighten emotions whilst harsh lighting can have an effect on our eyes, yet natural lighting is the most effective when it comes to improving well-being and mood. 

This is why it’s so important to use appropriate lighting when creating a welcoming reception area, especially if you are having visitors wait for a long period of time which can soon affect their mood and their overall experience with your business. 



How do you make a Reception Area warm, inviting and well-lit?

To make a reception area warm, inviting and well-lit we would recommend ensuring your reception furniture is in a place that exposes visitors to natural sunlight. You can also fit out your reception area with appropriate lighting, breakout furniture, an inviting front counter, comfortable chairs for guests and storage units to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. 


What are the basic requirements for a Reception Area?

A reception area should be a welcoming space equipped with a seating area, reception desk and friendly reception staff working as the first point of contact for all visitors. To create a welcoming and warm environment in your office reception area you can also incorporate plants, literature, magazines and modern furnishings to ensure visitors enjoy a pleasant experience.  


What is the most important part of the Reception Area?

The most important part of a reception area is the reception desk and a chair for the receptionist – this can be either for a hotel, leisure centre, dental practice and more! A reception desk is the first initial point of contact for reception staff to welcome visitors so it’s important to ensure this space is clean and free from clutter whilst representing your business and its culture.


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How Do I Create a Welcoming Reception Area?

  1. Use Comfortable Reception Furniture
  2. Introduce Greenery
  3. Display your Brand
  4. Use Appropriate Lighting 


Choosing the Perfect Reception Furniture

At Think Office Furniture we install, design, install and supply a wide range of quality reception furniture easily adapted to your size requirements, brand design and business needs in several service areas across the UK. From breakout furniture to premium reception desks, storage units and so much more, our team of friendly experts are on hand to assist with any enquiries you may have throughout the installation of your new reception furniture. 

Contact us today to get started on creating a welcoming reception area ready to impress your visitors. 

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