Should Office Desks be in Front of a Window?

With more and more employees working from home and new managers looking for the best office layout in order to boost productivity, the position of office desks must be considered carefully. Getting sunlight into your working area is much better than artificial light and you should try and incorporate this into your office space.

If you’re unsure whether to place your office desk in front of a window at home or in the office, we’ve created this guide to outline the benefits and drawbacks of doing this and whether you should keep your office desk in this position for the long term.


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Advantages of placing office desks in front of a window

Placing an office desk and a monitor in front of a window isn’t the optimal position for it to be in, but it does present some benefits to those working from home or in the office.


Feeling less claustrophobic

Demand for houses that have enough room to remotely work is rapidly increasing and some alternatives can make the worker feel claustrophobic. In addition to this, some offices cram their employees in to make the most of the space but this too can lead to a sensation of confined spacing.

Placing an office desk in front or next to a window can reduce this anxiety and actually make the room feel bigger than it is.


Fresh air

Being able to ventilate your remote working area or office is another benefit when putting an office desk in front of a window. On those days when it’s getting too hot or cold, opening a window (dependant on health and safety regulations) can make a huge difference to employee morale and wellbeing.

Think of how many times you get that whip of fresh air and instantly feel better for it!?


Finding inspiration – getting out of a creative rut

Finding that inspirational spark is difficult when you are working all day at home or in the office. Recent research shows that facing a window whilst working at a desk can reduce boredom and also increase creative thinking.

However, the level of creativity depends on the environment outside, as natural and quiet areas can help boost creativity and inspiration while crowded and busy areas can be distracting and off-putting.


Disadvantages of placing office desks in front of a window

Keeping office desks close to a window is the best option when deciding on the layout of your remote working area or office – not right next to it or in front of it.


Bright light

Whilst sunlight is good for providing vitamin D and a source of natural light, it can sometimes be a negative. Since the sunlight is brighter than the computer screen, it might be hard for employees to work efficiently.

Longer term, it can also lead to headaches and vision problems as we need to focus our eyes to see clearly – placing a desk in front of a window can cause this issue to arise.


Highly vigilant

Humans are hard-wired to be vigilant of their surroundings – especially of what’s behind them. Sitting directly in front of a window with your back to the rest of the office can lead to staff being highly vigilant throughout the day and causing an unconscious distraction and inability to focus on work.


Distraction from work

For employees who tend to procrastinate, placing an office desk in front of a window is a sub-optimal choice of placement. One might gaze outside the window when they should be working – not beneficial for achieving an efficient workforce.


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For health and well-being reasons, office desks shouldn’t be placed in front of windows for a substantial period of time. It can create issues with employees’ eyesight, provides distractions and keeps workers wary of what’s happening behind them. In addition to this, it poses a damage risk to your desk and electronics.

However, for shorter periods of time, an office desk in front of a window can provide a range of Feng Shui benefits to the worker – fresh air, getting out of creative ruts and more. To see what height your office desk should be, see our helpful guide!

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