Office Chair Buying Guide

Choosing the right chair for your workspace is crucial, as it directly impacts your comfort, productivity and overall well-being. You may be looking for office chairs for new employees or a new office, or you may just be replacing your current ones and searching for appropriate options. In this chair buying guide, we will explore what to look for when buying an office chair and the different types that are available to you.


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Why Should You Invest in a Good Office Chair?

It is quite common for you to ask yourself ‘Why should I invest in a good office chair?’ when looking at prices as they all do the same job, right? This is quite often the biggest misconception associated with chairs within an office as they are one of the most vital pieces of equipment. Depending on if your space is a sit-stand desk, a cubical, a reception, a meeting room or something else, there are different styles of chairs suitable for you.  

The most common office hours are 9-5, meaning you will be in your chair for long durations at a time. Knowing how to buy a computer chair is essential to ensure comfort, motivation and productivity. Sitting in a chair and not feeling comfortable can lead to becoming distracted and unhappy, as well as causing some potential health issues if you or your employees aren’t adequately supported.

As well as considering comfort, it is important to choose an office chair that matches your interior. It is important to make a good impression on any visitors or clients that may be visiting your office to promote professionalism and uniformity. 


What Types of Office Chairs are Available?

Over time, traditional office chairs have been modernised, meaning there is a new array of office chairs to look at. With the continuing advancement of technology, chairs have become more comfortable and practical. 

It is important to take into account whilst reading this chair buying guide the benefits and drawbacks of each type of office chair and what would be suitable for your specific type of business.


Task Office Chairs

A task chair is most commonly known as a classic office chair that has been altered to suit the modern day. Despite being simple, they still offer a good amount of padding and support, whilst coming in a variety of colours and styles including leather, plastic, fabric and mesh. Their main goal is to swivel and move up and down, however, don’t include many other functionalities as it is not needed.

One of the main reasons they are labelled as task office chairs is because they promote good posture. They are also easy to use, so you shouldn’t have to adjust them much when you are sitting in a shared space, or if your chair has been borrowed by another employee.


Ergonomic Office Chairs

Similar to task office chairs, ergonomic chairs support your back and encourage good posture. They are fully customisable to suit your office, with styles including mesh and leather. Most ergonomic office chairs are chiropractor-approved which means they help to reduce aches and pains in the body, making them a brilliant option for individuals working long hour days.

When considering what to look for in an office chair, an ergonomic chair has what you are looking for with adjustable seat height, backrest, back angle, headrest and arm supports. The choice is yours with an ergonomic chair, whether you want a folded chair, one with completely adjustable features, or a mesh back with no wheels, there is the perfect match out there for you.


Soft Seating

Whilst it is imperative to ensure your employees are comfortable and sat in a good quality chair whilst working, you must also consider breakout areas during an informal conversation or break times. Soft seating is the way forward in this instance and would include any furniture including a sofa or tub-style seating

Giving employees an area to unwind is vital when considering employee retention and well-being. Supply them with seating away from their desks or in a separate room to continue encouraging productivity but still give them the opportunity to be more laid back and comfortable when they need to.



The final main type of seating we would recommend as part of our chair buying guide is stools. If your company supplies employees with stand-up desks, they may not want a chair with a back to sit on and instead may prefer a stool. Alternatively, they are a good option if you need to go and talk to an employee. Stools don’t take up a lot of room and are convenient to pull up when going through work and visiting a desk that isn’t your own.

Alternatively, some employees may find themselves more comfortable on a stool and choose this as their main seating option. It is also very dependent on what department you or your employees work in, so is important to take this into account.            


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What to Look for When Buying an Office Chair

Knowing the different office chair options that are out there can be beneficial for knowing how to buy a computer chair, but there are more contributing factors to deciding which chair is most suitable.


How Much Room Does Your Office Have?

Before purchasing your chairs, make sure to evaluate how much space you have access to in your office. Take into consideration the chair’s dimensions and your desk size to ensure it fits comfortably within your workspace without hindering employee movement or causing overcrowding.


What Tasks Will You be Completing?

Make sure to think about the specific tasks you’ll be completing in your office chair. If you primarily work on a computer, we’d suggest looking for a chair with proper lumbar support, adjustable height, and swivel capabilities. If your job role involves frequent meetings or working with others, you should consider chairs with a more flexible design and comfortable seating for longer durations.


How Long Will You Be Sat in Your Chair on a Daily Basis?

If your job role means you spend long periods of time seated, it’s crucial to prioritise your comfort and support. Look for chairs with ample cushioning, ergonomic features, and breathable materials to prevent any discomfort and promote productivity throughout the day.


What is Your Budget?

Office chairs come in a variety of price ranges. We recommend setting a budget based on your needs and considering what qualities you would like your office chairs to contain. Investing in a high-quality chair reap long-term benefits, so it’s worth considering a slightly higher budget for better comfort and durability of your employees.


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