What is The Function of a Reception Desk?

The primary function of a reception desk is to create a warm, inviting environment for key stakeholders such as clients, customers and employees, however there are secondary functions to be aware of. Having a strategically placed reception counter whether that be in your dental practice, leisure centre, hotel or other business type, can immensely help the productivity of receptionists and first impressions of stakeholders.

In this guide, we outline the functionality aspects of a reception desk and how a front counter can help your business take that next step in creating a positive experience for customers and employees.


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Primary function of a reception desk

Reception desks have been a mainstay within working environments for decades and for good reason. The primary function of a reception desk is to create a warm, inviting environment for key stakeholders such as clients, customers and employees.

Psychologically, seeing a high-quality reception desk and being greeted by a professional receptionist can set the tempo for greetings further down the line and will give you that edge over competition – they’ll definitely remember the experience!


Other functionalities of a front counter

Whilst the primary function of a front desk is to welcome people into your business, there are a number of secondary functionalities you can expect from your reception desk.


Helps receptionists with organisation and productivity

Your front desk is essentially the command centre for all guest facing interactions, therefore you have to ensure both the reception area and desk is highly organised. 

Being organised can help boost productivity and this not only helps your receptionists, but it helps whomever they welcome when walking through the main entrance – the less time spent searching around trying to find pens and bits of paper, the less likely you are going to upset and frustrate your customers.

Purchasing a bespoke reception desk whether it be for a dog grooming business, veterinary clinic or another type of business, can improve the organisation and flow of your reception area immensely. Finding a reception counter that has enough storage space for keeping documents and stationery, can make your receptionist’s working day that much easier which in turn relates to an increase in productivity.


Provides a sense of security

A high quality and well-thought out reception area and desk, can provide a subconscious barrier to potential disagreements with customers, delivery drivers and more. Whilst it’s extremely unlikely that anything will come of harm within your business, having a well-built reception desk can provide that extra sense of security for your staff.


Maintenance of brand image and style

When trying to build a brand whether that be for a global juggernaut or a local business, you need to pay attention to the small details. A reception desk and front counter should exuberate your brand’s image more so than any other part of your business, as this is the first thing staff and customers see.

Have a logo you want to promote? Ensuring the logo design on your reception desk is large enough to create a presence and be recognisable for passers-by, but not too large that it is overbearing, is a must-have. You can also go the extra mile with advertising your logo onto your reception desk, by investing in backlighting and textured background.

Whether you’re looking for a custom wrap-around desk or a simple stand-alone desk, the experts here at Think Office Furniture can create a reception desk that fits within your brand guidelines.



The fundamentals of a reception desk

If you’re a business owner or responsible for revamping your office space, it’s important that there is awareness of what the functionality reception desks can offer your business.

  • Greeting customers, staff and other stakeholders
  • Helps receptionists with organisation and productivity
  • Provides a sense of security
  • Maintenance of brand image and style


Why you should invest in a high-quality reception desk

Whilst there are other functionality features of a reception desk, the ones we have listed are just the tip of the iceberg. If you’re wanting to research further, why not see our guides on what to look for in a reception desk and why front counters are important for businesses.

At Think Office Furniture, we offer high-quality reception desks that fit your business’ needs – whether that be for a spa, pet grooming business or veterinary clinic. Our friendly team of experts build all of our quality reception desks from the ground up right here in the UK. We offer premium reception desks that are custom to your required shape, size and business type.

If you are interested in the wide range of reception desks we have to offer at Think Office Furniture, then be sure to contact our team today and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.