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Working from home is rapidly becoming the norm for many workers in the UK and with our range of home office furniture, you can choose from filing cabinets, desks, office chairs and other office accessories so that you can upgrade your home study. Create the perfect home office by choosing bespoke furniture that fits within your home study, so that you can work effectively towards your business' goals all within the comfort of your room.

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Office Furniture For Home Studies

The experts at Think Office Furniture, are able to offer an impressive range of stylish, high quality home office furniture alongside a delivery and installation service so that you can create the best home study for your requirements.

With the right eye for detail, you can transform your home office space from an un-inspiring room to an engaging, tidy workspace. You will find an array of home office furniture including office chairs, storage solutions and workstations in a variety of styles, shapes and sizes so there’s something that can suit everyone. You can purchase home office furniture online or by getting in touch with one of our team members.

Corner Desk with Storage

Home Office Desks

Our premium office desks for home studies can be customised to suit your room, whether that be straight, u-shape, right hand or left-hand corner desks. Our home office computer, laptop or writing desks are available in a range of styles and colours so that you don't have to worry about matching the style and colour scheme of your study.

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Ergonomic Executive Chair

Home Office Chairs

With working from home becoming a familiar part of life for employees up and down the UK, a home office chair will help you create the productive working space you need. Our selection of ergonomic and task office chairs are ideal if you want to maintain a good sitting posture to help prevent backaches and that supports your body for those longer days.

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Home Office Storage Units

Home office storage is essential to stay organised while working away from your business' workspace. If you need to store your files and documents, or need room to display monitors and other technical equipment, we have a range of filing cabinets, bookcases and other storage options that will complete your home study.

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Think Office Furniture

Why Choose Think Office Furniture?

Our priority is the customer and ensuring that our customers receive the best quality home office furniture possible. Here at Think Office Furniture, we are passionate about delivering the perfect solution to all of our customers who work away from their business’ usual workspace.

With a team of passionate experts, our furniture for home studies are guaranteed to go above and beyond the standards of other furniture providers. Another one of our priorities is sustainability – recycling our wastage is an important strategy to make our home office furniture company the best it can be.

Not only do we deliver our range of home office furniture, but we also offer an installation service across the UK. No matter how small or big your home study is, we can deliver and install your new furniture on location. All of our office desks, cabinets, cupboards and chairs are manufactured from premium quality materials and then installed by our experienced team to ensure a smooth process.

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Home Furniture FAQs

Where to buy home office furniture?

Boasting one of the largest collections of bespoke home office furniture in the UK, Think Office Furniture has everything you need to kit out your working from home station.


How do you arrange furniture in a home office?

Arranging new home office furniture is easier than at first glance. You need to consider about keeping the room door and entry clear, creating a visual balance, not taking up too much of your wall space and other things that can inspire you when working from home.


How should you position a desk in a home study?

For health and well-being reasons, office desks shouldn’t be placed in front of windows for a substantial period of time, however if you’re searching for some inspiration and your cables allow it, you can temporarily move your home office desk in front of a window.


Should you replace home office chairs?

On average, most home office chairs last around 7-8 years. Whilst this is a ball-park figure, different chairs can be replaced sooner or later than this recommendation.


Will a fitted-out home office help me?

Investing in home office furniture that is going to ensure you work at a healthy station can have a huge effect on the success of your home study setup – improving productivity, efficiency, and mental and physical health are just a number of ways that a fitted-out home office can help.


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